Kite Optics has been supplying quality fieldscopes to avid nature enthusiasts since 1992. The current  range of spotting scopes is very comprehensive and there will be something to  suit all wildlife  observation and birdwatching situations.

 The numbers in the the scope names relate to the size of the spotting scopes objective lens. The  greater the number is indicates that the scope will let in more light. This can be very useful if you like  to go birdwatching at dusk or dawn. The fieldscopes magnifications range from 15x power upwards  and you will need to balance the lighting conditions with the magnification.


The Kite Falco is a high quality and very reliable 45° angled telescope with a retractable lens hood to protect against glare.

The Falco's compact body is made from durable and reliable lightweight aluminium not waterproof but still water resistant. Its lenses and prisms are coated with extreme precision. The Kite Falco accepts the 15-60x zoom and 22xWA eyepieces.


The SP-60 is our top instrument when it comes to 60mm spotting scopes. It can be considered as an upgrade of the Falco, and is equipped with a completely new optical system and new eyepieces. 

With its image quality, it simply outperforms all competition in its price-class. The SP-60 also differentiates itself by its ergonomics. The waterproof body is fully covered by thick rubber armour, which offers best protection of the scope. The focus mechanism is the same as the Falco’s mechanism; during many years it has proven no need for change. The eyepieces all have twist-up eyecups for maximum viewing comfort. The SP-60 accepts the 28xWA and 20-60x eyepieces.


The Kite Optics SP66 telescope is designed to meet the three main requirements demanded by today’s active scope user; high-end optical performance, low weight and reliability.

Because the waterproof construction features a new fully multi-coated optical system, the SP66 provides a very high level of optical clarity. The images are bright and retain an excellent colour saturation. The eyepieces 28xWA and 20-60x are available for the Kite SP66.

SP-ED 80  

This superb telescope is designed to provide 'best in class' optical performance and value. The SP-ED 80 is a high definition fieldscope that features a full waterproof construction, a rubber covered retractable lens hood, a conveniently positioned wide band focusing wheel and a rotating tripod sleeve.

Weight is kept to a minimum with the selective use of lightweight materials, and the telescope is very well balanced for most effective field use on a tripod. There are 2 eyepieces available for the SP-ED 80, the 30x WA (wide angle) and the 20-60x zoom. Waterproof, light, durable, ergonomic, performing, affordable... These are a few words that characterize the SP-ED 80 fieldscope.

SP-ED 82 

With the SP82 ED, KITE offers a fieldscope for those who do not wish to invest in the absolute top segment of fieldscopes such as the KSP 80 HD, but are also not yet satisfied with the SP 80 ED.

The SP 82 ED combines the best of both worlds. As with the current top scopes, this telescope uses the innovative 25-50x wide-angle eyepieces. The outstanding performance of the optical ED system results in a high light intensity and brilliant image reproduction over the entire magnification range with a minimal loss of field range and clarity when zooming. Despite the fact that this telescope is very close to the top segment due to its high performance, KITE has ensured that the SP 82 ED is accessible to customers far below the pricing level of this top segment. As a result, due to its price/quality ratio, many say that the SP 82 ED is currently by far the best choice.

KSP 80 HD 

With the KSP scopes, Kite explores new boundaries.

More than ever before, the needs and expectations of the professional birdwatcher determined the development of these instruments. With its razor sharp image and brilliant colour reproduction, the KSP 80 HD is definitely among the best scopes available today.
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